App-based AR for Complicated Solutions

While AR requires a handheld device to interact, an app-based AR would be best for solutions that requires multiple interaction. Think of it as the app in installed in it, therefore allowing for functions to perform seamlessly.


Access Facebook AR with just a Link (or QR Code)

For marketing purposes, the best way to implement AR is to use Facebook AR, which can be access via a link/QR Code that opens your Facebook app. Fun fact, you can create your own custom face filter now!

AR Marker Tracking

FB Face Filter


A Simple & Convenient Way with Facebook's AR.

If you're looking to use AR for marketing purposes, the best platform to use is Facebook AR. If offer users to convenient way via a weblink (or scan a QR Code) to automatically access their Facebook app (which most users have). Also, you can customise your own face sticker with it now :)


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