Literally Walk & Interact Within a Virtual Showroom.

It has always been inconvenient for potential buyers from far away to visit a property show gallery, in which they might lose interest their interest because of so. What if, a similar experience could be available to them with virtual reality technology? What if, it could be even more than that?

Virtual Showroom Demo


VR Training Simulation for Industrial Revolution 4.0

For industries that are either too expensive, hazardous, or geographically-limited, VR offers a true-to-life working environment that allow users to learn through failure without any costs. Plus, you get to learn with your 5 senses, which trains your muscle memory to better remember SOPs.

Off-load Cargo Demo


Boundless Creativity with Absolutely Anything in VR.

The possibilities of VR are endless, as we basically get to create literally anything in 3D that mimics real-life interaction. Think about places that are unreachable by normal human beings, like the space, or fictional places like the world of Avatar. Let us know your ideas!

Perodua X-Concept VR


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